Paper Bowl Forming Machine

Paper Bowl Forming Machine

Our paper bowl forming machine is developed and manufactured based on   the latest Korean paper bowl machine.  It is a perfect tool for making   bowls with large capacity and a wide mouth, such as an instant noodle   bowl.  The main functions of this bowl machine are automatic paper   feeding, preheating and second bottom heating, sealing, oil silicon   lubrication, bottom punching, knurling, bowl discharge, etc.   It can   perform photocell monitoring and failure alarm.

Paper Bowl Forming Machine Technical Specifications

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Bowl Size20-50 oz.1100ml,980ml,998ml,460ml, etc.
Raw materialOne side PE coated paper
Top Mouth Diameter90-140mm50-120mm
Bottom Diameter70-110mm40-95mm
Bottom Depth≤6-12≤6-12
Power Source380V/ 50HZ (it can be changed according to specific customer requirements)
Total Power13KW
Package Size (L×W×H)3150×1580×1850mm 800×750×1300mm
RemarkProduce two side PE coated paper use ultrasonic
Air Source0.2m3/min; 0.6MPa customer-owned

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