Flexo Printing Machine

Flexo Printing Machine

Flexo Printing Machine Work principle

 1. Adopt ceramic ink roller to feed ink.
 2. The material discharging and receiving are controlled by carbon powder brake and clutch (Mitsubishi automatic tension controller is optional).
 3. All printing units adopt 360-degree circumference register adjustment.
 4. All printing units are provided with a set of infrared drying unit.
 5. The ink roller automatically breaks away and rotates at low speed when the machine stops to prevent the ink from turning dry and hard.
 6. The main motor adopts imported frequency conversion step-less speed regulating.
 7. The machine finishes the steps from the paper supply of drum feeder, deviation rectifying, printing and automatic infrared drying to winding, being the most ideal machine type for printing paper cups for printing plants.

Flexo Printing Machine Main technical parameters:    

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Machine TypeHSR620HSR850
Printing Speed50m/min50m/min
Printable Colors2-6 Colors2-6 Colours
Maximum Width of Roll Paper630mm860mm
Maximum Width of Printing620mm850mm
Maximum Diameter of Unreeling1,400mm800mm
Maximum Diameter of Winding1,400mm800mm
Printing Girth180-420mm180-420mm
Registering Precision±0.15mm±0.15mm
Power source380V, 50HZ380V, 50HZ
Power consumption22KW24KW
Main machine packing size5,000*1,500*2,500mm5,000*2,000*2,500mm
Machine Weight4500KG5,000kg

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